Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance  


Your clients count on you for expert advice and professional services. But no matter how well-trained or careful you or your employees are, mistakes can and do happen—sometimes resulting in a lawsuit.

Professional liability insurance can provide the protection you need in these situations. Unlike general liability, which covers mainly bodily injury or property damage, professional liability can protect you and your business against damages that may arise from claims alleging:

  • Errors or omissions
  • Negligence
  • Breach of duty
  • Misleading statements

For practice owners, Partnerships, Corporations/LLC

For Individuals/Employees Only



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Safeguard your financial future with the only Professional Liability coverage sponsored by the California Pharmacists Association.

The bottom line: Whether justified or not, a malpractice suit could cost you thousands or ruin the career you've worked so hard to build. Your best defense? Coverage up to $1 million per incident, $3 million annual aggregate, with the Association Member Benefits Advisors sponsored Professional Liability Insurance Plan, underwritten by Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc., a member company of Liberty Mutual Group. Higher limits are available, subject to proof of contractual requirements.

Having your own policy could mean you’re covered for pharmacy services you perform even outside of your employment. Plus, this program uses an “occurrence form” that covers any designated professional service you perform while the Insurance Policy is in force. So, your coverage is active even if a suit or claim is made years later.

As a pharmacist, you’ve devoted years to study and training. Your skills and experience are constantly being tested…with stressful conditions, and difficult patients or clients. How you respond can determine your professional reputation and your future.

Under such circumstances, it’s too easy for something to go wrong. A malpractice suit or a charge of negligence—justified or not—could mean the end of your career. That’s why we strongly urge that you have the proper Professional Liability protection.

Protection You Can Count On, Now and in the Future
As a pharmacist, this policy protects you in the event of an error or omission in the practice of pharmacy for all procedures approved by the California Board of Pharmacy as long as you have received the proper training and/or certification required and you are acting within the scope of practice.

Employer-Provided Coverage is Limited
You can’t rely solely on the liability protection provided by your employer. Without your own personal liability protection, you could end up paying all attorney fees, court costs and loss of wages out of your own pocket because…

  • There may be gaps in your employer’s policy.
  • A suit may be filed after you have terminated employment.
  • Most employer-provided coverage does not cover you for actions that take place outside the workplace.
  • With employer-provided coverage, you have to share your coverage with your coworkers, your employer and the entity.
  • A consolidated defense for an employer usually represents the interest of the employer, not you.

This protection is yours alone—it is not shared among your coworkers or with your employer. A qualified consent-to-settle clause enables you to make the final decision in settling your claims.

And, it protects you if someone you supervise, and for whom you are legally liable, is named in a suit.

Your coverage includes:

  • A QUALIFIED CONSENT-TO-SETTLE CLAUSE that requires your consent to settle.
  • LICENSING BOARD REIMBURSEMENT $10,000 per policy period for the investigation or defense of proceedings before most entities responsible for regulating your professional conduct.
  • DEPOSITION ASSISTANCE up to $10,000 per policy period for legal representation for depositions related to your professional duties. This coverage applies when you’re not named in a claim but are required to be deposed, for instance, as a witness.
  • LOST WAGES pays up to $10,000 per incident/occurrence for attendance at a trial, hearing or arbitration proceeding for a covered claim. “Reasonable expenses” are included in this limit.
  • REIMBURSEMENT FOR FIRST-AID EXPENSES when you respond to an emergency.
  • LEGAL FEES AND COURT COSTS ARE PAID in addition to your limits of liability.
  • DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS coverage for damage you unintentionally inflict on the property of others during any nonbusiness pursuit, yet related to your personal duties.
  • MEDICAL PAYMENT(S) COVERAGE (for individuals only).

If you are a group practice, your coverage will also include:

  • For qualified group practices, a premium credit applies. Depending on the number of professionals in the group, credits range from 4% to 12%.
  • Volunteers are automatically covered.
  • You may also be protected for “moonlighting” activities related to your profession.
  • ADDITIONAL INSURED COVERAGE available—protects the additional insured against claims arising out of the sole negligence of the named insured.
  • LOCUM TENENS COVERAGE for when another professional temporarily assumes your duties and provides services on your behalf for a specific period of time. 

About this program

This website contains a summary of the Insurance Policy provisions. If there is a conflict between this website and the actual Insurance Policy, the Insurance Policy language will control.

Underwritten by
Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc., a Member company of Liberty Mutual Group
55 Water Street, New York, New York 10041
May not be available in all states.
Pending underwriter approval.

All coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

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