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Small Group Medical  


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Why not let Mercer research the market, work with you in selecting the right plan designs, and assist you in managing your employee benefits including group health insurance?

We have experience working with hundreds of pharmacy practices just like yours.  We can make sure that your benefit plan is cost effective and provides the coverage that you need to run your pharmacy! There are hundreds of different plan designs, utilizing different provider networks from the major health insurers.


If you are currently offering a group health insurance plan, we can become your broker by way of a broker of record letter and you can begin to utilize our services with or without changing your current plans.  Why not work with the trusted advisor of your Association?

Reach out today for more information. We look forward to working with you! 

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As you may know, there have been Executive Orders issued by the President and rules issued by the Department of Labor to encourage the formation of Association Health Plans (AHP).  The principal engine of the AHP is the Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) which allows for the combining of small employer groups to into a much larger group. 


California has had an overall negative historical experience with MEWAs, does not allow for the formation of new MEWAs, and therefore will not allow for the formation of new AHPs at this time.   


We continue to offer our traditional services to Association members who are involved with small group health insurance, and we work with the major health insurance companies and HMOs to provide the best possible solutions for your healthcare needs. 

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