Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation  


Members Qualify For An Additional 5% Discount* On Their Workers' Compensation Rates!


Workers’ compensation insurance covers your employees in the event of a job-related injury and helps them get back to work as quickly as possible. State law requires standardized coverage that includes hospital and medical expenses, work-related disability income and a death benefit.


The CPhA-sponsored program helps members purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. The CPhA Insurance Committee, comprised of member pharmacists, works with AMBA and Preferred Employers Group to implement best practices in risk management and meet your coverage needs.

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CPhA's exclusive best-in-class Workers' Compensation program can help your pharmacy save money!


In addition to mandatory CalOSHA information and videos on workplace safety, Preferred’s team of Risk Advisors are available for consultations when you need them. They also have a strong fraud prevention policy and as a California-based carrier, they know exactly what it takes to do business successfully in this State. All things that help keep your employees and your business safe.

Preferred prides itself on its stability, which includes maintaining some of the best and most consistent pricing available for CPhA members. And because of its Medical Provider Network of credentialed medical professionals, claim costs can be closely monitored and managed while providing quality care to injured employees. Preferred’s unique approach helps keep your costs of doing business predictable and stable.

AMBA's team of insurance advisors is knowledgeable about the needs of pharmacists and is available to walk you through the application process, either by phone, or in person. Preferred’s claims examiners are friendly, accessible and are experts in helping members with an employee injury or illness claim. Plus Preferred’s payroll management and flexible payment plans help you manage your premiums in the way that works best for you and your pharmacy’s cash-flow needs.

Pharmacists save with Preferred. Preferred’s rates are set for long term consistency and competitiveness, and are managed by focusing on safety and injury prevention, fraud preventions and the control of medical costs for your pharmacy by getting employees back to work as soon as practical. All pharmacies should request a premium indication for the Preferred program to see what they could be saving.



*Most practices will qualify for group pricing and receive the 5% discount; however some practices will need to be underwritten separately when they do not qualify for the special program terms and conditions. A minimum premium of $750 applies to program participants.

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