Cyber Privacy Liability - Britt Edgewater

Cyber Privacy Liability - Britt Edgewater  


Through a partnership with McGowan Program Administrators and Coalition Insurance Solutions, Inc., AMBA has developed an integrated insurance and risk management program for Cyber Liability. The program offers access to human resources and data management related services which provide superior products and services through a simplified process.


Coverage Advantage Checklist

  • Comprehensive Cyber Insurance Coverage

    Why comprehensive coverage matters

    Coalition’s broad base form covers a wide set of incident types and provides high limits for Funds Transfer Fraud, Ransomware, and more.

  • “Pay on Behalf” Language

    Why “pay on behalf” language matters

    Breach response costs, ransom payments, forensics, and other first-party expenses can add up fast. These upfront costs are paid on behalf of our policyholders, so they don’t have to wait for reimbursement.

  • Breach Response Costs Outside the Limits (Available on Most Policies)

    Why breach response costs outside the limit’s matters

    Having separate limits for breach response preserves limits for other coverages, like extortion and business interruption.

  • $0 Retention When Using Coalition Incident Response (CIR)2

    Why a $0 retention matters

    Coordinated expertise is critical when dealing with a cyber incident. CIR responds quickly and provides expert, hands-on support – with no out-of-pocket cost.

  • Opportunities for Enhanced Coverage with Good Cyber Hygiene

    Why rewarding good cyber hygiene matters

    Cyber risk is dynamic and requires active participation. Businesses that invest in their cyber hygiene can receive enhanced coverage.


Security Advantage Checklist

  • Proprietary Threat Intelligence Built for Insurance

    Why proprietary threat intelligence matters

    Cyber threats don’t stop once a policy is bound, and neither do we. Coalition’s security research team gathers millions of data points from all corners of the web to identify emerging threats in near-real time. They combine this threat intelligence with their claims data to alert policyholders to critical exposures that are most likely to result in losses.

  • Dedicated In-House Security Support Team

    Why dedicated security support matters

    Coalition's in-house team of security analysts and consultants is dedicated to helping policyholders resolve contingencies, remediate exposures, and implement security improvements.

  • Pre-bind Security Support with Coalition Control

    Why pre-bind security support matters

    Cyber hygiene needs to change as quickly as cyber risk. Every contingent quote comes with pre-bind access to Coalition Control. Even before coverage is bound, businesses can access remediation guidance, self-service tools to resolve security findings, and details about their cyber exposures.

  • Cybersecurity Protections Beyond the Policy

    Why cybersecurity protections matter

    Cyber criminals don’t take time off. For policyholders who just want peace-of-mind and lack the time or resources to focus on cybersecurity, Coalition offers Managed Detection & Response services for around-the-clock threat detection and remediation.


For more details on the program click on the “Get A Quote” button.


How to apply

You may apply and obtain a quote up to 60 days prior to your desired effective date. However, you may only bind coverage within 30 days of the requested effective date.


1. Click on one of the blue “Get A Quote” buttons that best describes your occupation.

2. Select from the drop-down menu to access the online application.

3. Limits up to $1,000,000 are available online.

  • If you want limits above $1,000,000, you’ll still complete the online application for the maximum coverage available. Then contact one of AMBA's Client Representatives at 1-866-486-1946 for assistance to complete your application for higher limits.

Once your application is completed and full payment has been made via credit card or EFT, you will receive an email with your policy within 1-2 business days. If you are purchasing Cyber coverage with us for the first time and need assistance, please contact our Sales center at 1-866-486-1946.


If you are renewing your expiring Cyber policy with us and need assistance, please contact our Service Center at 1-800-626-9063.



To complete the Cyber Liability Application, simply click the form link below.


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

Claim Scenarios

There are an estimated 2,200 cyberattacks per day with 43% of the world's total cyberattacks are targeted at small-to-midsize businesses.
View examples that illustrate situations where Coalition has helped businesses remediate risk prior to and recover from Cyber incidents.




  • 5-Minute Average Claims Response

    Why cybersecurity protections matter

    The speed of claims response can be the difference between recovery or a multi-million-dollar cyber event. When a policyholder calls Coalition’s 24/7 claims hotline, their in-house team of cyber experts proactively initiates a streamlined response while limiting business impacts.

  • Unparalleled Financial Recovery Tactics

    Why claims relationships matter

    Attackers often move money across various jurisdictions to cover their tracks when committing funds transfer fraud. Coalition’s relationships with government entities and financial institutions drastically increase the chance of recovery by allowing them to move quickly and go where others can’t.

  • Extensive Pre-Claims Services

    Why pre-claims services matter

    Not every suspicious incident results in a claim. Using dedicated “pre-claims assistance” funds to cover the cost of legal, forensic and IT services, policyholders can ask questions and seek guidance without fear of triggering a claim.

  • Exclusive Access to Coalition Incident Response (CIR)*

    Why early detection and stabilization matters

    When a cyber threat becomes a claim, there’s no substitute for security expertise. When working with CIR, policyholders get the benefit of Coalition’s expert team that can quickly detect and stabilize a cyber event — often with no impact to their self-insured retention.

  • Tabletop Exercises and Incident Response Plans

    Why advanced preparation matters

    Cyber events can be stressful situations that require decisive action. Coalition’s simulations and resources can help policyholders manage expectations and follow protocol when experiencing a cyber event.

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