Individual Health

Individual Health  


Individual and Family Health Insurance Overview

Are you single or married? Are you young, middle-age or nearing retirement? Do you have doctors that you have a relationship with? How many different prescriptions do you need?

It's easy to see how everyone has different and specific health insurance needs they want to satisfy.


That's why your association teamed up with Mercer to help you choose your individual and family health insurance plans. You can customize a medical package that works best for you—and our online Resource Center helps you understand your health care options. Individual and family dental plans, and travel medical insurance plans are also available.

If you need assistance, please contact 1-888-626-0028.

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When shopping for health insurance, one needs to keep three thoughts in mind at all times:


1)     What are the benefits?

2)    What are the rates?

3)    Where can I go for care?


Hopefully, the first question has been made a little easier to understand by having health insurance plans categorized as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Plans that are Platinum should cover 90% or more of the typical insureds’ health care costs in a year, Gold plans 80% or more, Silver 70% or more, and Bronze 60%.  This doesn’t mean that one Platinum plan is an exact duplicate of another Platinum plan, but the expected payouts to insureds should be actuarially equivalent. 


The online quoting tool allows you to research the doctors that you want to see, covered by the plans that offer the rates you can afford.  If you need to speak to an agent, they are available by telephone as well.


Mercer research shows that most people over-insure and would have better financial outcomes by choosing larger deductibles and co-pays while paying lower premiums, so don’t be afraid to consider the Silver and even Bronze level plans.  We suggest also considering plans that offer the option of opening up a Health Savings Account (or HSA) so you can invest the savings from choosing a larger deductible into your own personal tax advantaged account. 

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1. If you qualify as a small group (2–50 physicians and employees), do not enroll here. Click here for information on the CMA small group medical plans.

2. Do not cancel any in-force health insurance until you receive written formal approval of acceptance from the insurance company to which you are applying. Rates quoted are subject to change based on the health plan's underwriting practices and of your selection of available optional benefits, if any. All rates quoted for each insurance company are for new groups/individuals only and the rates may not apply to existing customers of the insurance company. Insurance companies may change rates and benefits without notice. All plan benefits and information displayed on this site are a general summary of the products of each insurance company. Final rate and benefit information are always determined by the insurance company.