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Individual Health  


Individual and Family Health Insurance Overview

Are you single or married? Are you young, middle-age or nearing retirement? Do you have children? It's easy to see how everyone has different and specific insurance needs they want to satisfy.

That's why your association teamed up with Mercer to help you choose your individual and family for a choice of individual health insurance plans. You can customize a medical package that works best for you—and our online Resource Center helps you understand your health care options.

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As you may know, an Executive Order regarding health insurance was recently issued by the President. The major points were:

  1. Directing the Department of Labor to liberalize federal health insurance rules that could allow the formation of Association Health Plans (AHPs) across state lines. These plans would not have to offer all of the Essential Benefits mandated by the ACA, and potentially enable Association Health Plans to be treated as large employer plans not having to comply with each specific state requirement with respect to individual and small employer offerings.
  2. Directing Departments of Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human Services to draft regulations that would expand availability of short-term insurance plans beyond the current 3 month limit.
  3. Directing Departments of Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human Services to change rules to allow Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) to purchase individual health and family plan coverage on a tax favorable basis, which is not permitted under current rules. This would allow individual and family plans to be used as an employee benefit. Under current law, individual and family plans are not deductible for employers as a business expense.

The Executive Order directs rules to be proposed by Dec 11 for items 1) and 2) and by February 9 for item 3). Following the release of these proposed rules there will be a 30 to 60 day comment period, meaning that no changes are likely for the upcoming open enrollment period for individual and family plans.

We will carefully follow the rulemaking process. There are obviously many questions and open issues to be resolved, but we will use our extensive experience in developing and managing successful and compliant Association Health Plans, as well as Mercer’s overall industry leading health plan expertise, to explore every opportunity to create health insurance solutions that provide value for our clients.

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  1. If you qualify as a small group (2–50 physicians and employees), do not enroll here. Click here for information on the CMA small group medical plans.
  2. Do not cancel any in-force health insurance until you receive written formal approval of acceptance from the insurance company to which you are applying. Rates quoted are subject to change based on the health plan's underwriting practices and of your selection of available optional benefits, if any. All rates quoted for each insurance company are for new groups/individuals only and the rates may not apply to existing customers of the insurance company. Insurance companies may change rates and benefits without notice. All plan benefits and information displayed on this site are a general summary of the products of each insurance company. Final rate and benefit information are always determined by the insurance company.